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The Founder's Story:


After years of using toxic skincare products and suffering from severe acne, I decided to start making my own skincare products for personal use. As I shared my products with family & friends, their positive response made me realize the gap in the current beauty industry, which led to the birth of ELAAJ SKIN 

We firmly believe that skincare should always take care of your skin, without compromising your well-being, our planet's health, and the lives of innocent animals

Our Human-Friendly Skincare is always 100% Toxins-Free, Vegan, Eco-Conscious, Gender & Age Neutral, and All-Natural

We get messages every day from our lovely clients telling us how they feel "Alive", "Beautiful", "Confident" and "Fresh" in their own skin. That's what ELAAJ SKIN is all about!

Join us as we strive to raise awareness regarding the importance of a Human-Friendly Skincare brand, and continue to provide 100% safe skincare products for you

Sending much love & gratitude,

Dania Abbasi 


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