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 The word Elaaj means cure or remedy, which is why ELAAJ SKIN is extremely passionate about solving the dilemma of harmful skincare products.


Unfortunately, majority of skin care products are filled with toxic and low quality ingredients that are extremely harmful for human consumption, our planet, and other living organisms; which is why we boycott them!

Our Human-Friendly products are always 100% All-Natural, Vegan, Eco-Conscious, Ethically Sourced, Gender & Age Neutral, and Toxins free

We firmly believe that skincare should always take care of your skin, without compromising your wellbeing, our planet's health, and the lives of innocent animals.

We get messages every day from our lovely customers telling us how they feel "Alive", "Beautiful", "Confident" and "Fresh" in their own skin- That's what ELAAJ SKIN is about!

Join us as we strive to raise awareness regarding the importance of a Human-Friendly Skincare brand, and continue to provide 100% safe skincare products for you all.

Much love,