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One Step Closer to Sustainability

We are over the moon to introduce you to our new initiative One Step Closer to Sustainability. Climate change is an unfortunate reality of our home planet today, and we must take steps to reverse it. Here's how you can help!

How does planting trees help reverse climate change?

As deforestation occurs due to human consumption and natural factors, the levels of Carbon Dioxide increases in the environment, which is a primary source of greenhouse gases. As the emissions of greenhouse gases rise, they effect the climate by causing changes to the temperature and weather patterns. These environmental disturbances threaten human habitat, our wildlife, and the sustainability of our planet Earth. If we come together and plant trees in the most vulnerable areas of the world, we might be able to reverse this curse.

The responsibility to reverse climate change falls on all our shoulders as we equally contribute to the environmental factors. Here is how you, as a consumer, can help:

  • Educate yourself on the climate change and greenhouse gas emissions issue

  • Actively support brands that are helping reverse climate change

  • Switch to an eco-conscious lifestyle

  • Demand corporate responsibility and accountability for environmental changes

  • Sign petitions to demand legislative amendments

Want to learn more?

Below is a list of resources to educate yourself regarding the current climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, and its environmental impacts: