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What's so Special about Human-Friendly Skincare?

Although the name suggests what the importance might be, this blog will expand your knowledge on why you NEED to switch to a Human-Friendly skincare brand.

First and foremost, everything a person consumes must be Human-Friendly. If your skincare does not qualify under the category of Human-Friendly products, then you have to make a conscious decision of finding a skincare that satisfies the respected criteria. There are hundreds of studies dedicated to finding the harmful effects of chemicals that are present in our daily skincare products. The toxins found in skincare products can cause major issues to human health, as your pores are an easy access into your bloodstream, which then circulates into your entire body and organs like lungs, kidneys etc. Do not accept anything less than a Human-Friendly brand because the toxins being incorporated in our current cosmetics/beauty industry have synonymous names that can dodge the eye of a common person, like myself. Therefore, it is safer to just find a skincare brand that is completely natural and 100% toxins free.

Secondly, Human-Friendly is directly dependent on the sustainability aspect of the planet for all the obvious reasons. If we lose our Earth, there will be no humans, therefore, 'Human-Friendly' wouldn't matter. When becoming a consumer for any brand, make sure that they are an environmentally friendly and an eco-conscious company who firmly believes to overcome the dilemmas related to environmental disasters, not further ignite them. As a customer, you play a major role to encourage these corporates to continue doing what they're doing, by purchasing the products that are a threat to the environment. Invest in brands that use glass containers, choose naked packaging for their products, and ban plastic. You have to make a willful decision to change your skincare regime to a Human-Friendly brand because they truly produce eco-friendly and eco-conscious products.

Thirdly, Human-Friendly skincare products are always Animal-Friendly as well. The major reason skincare companies test on animals is in order to check whether humans would be able to endure the chemical content of a product or not. If brands are Human-Friendly they won't need animal testing as there will be zero toxins or chemicals incorporated in the skincare to begin with. Therefore, Human-Friendly skincare fights for animal rights and protection too. In order to show your firm stance on Animal-Friendly products, you must change your mind and direct it towards a Human-Friendly skincare brand.